Holistic Wellness Coaching Utilizing Essential Oils  

Cassandra Hill

Gerontologist & Certified Wellness Coach 

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Cassandra's goal is to educate on the benefits of healthy living. As a experienced and talented Gerontologist and Certified Wellness Coach Cassandra Hill is among the most qualified in the industry.

In 2014 Cassandra was diagnosed with systemic lupus. Her life changed completely! Shortly after the diagnosis she developed fibromyalgia and antiphospholipid syndrome. At this moment, Cassandra decided to take control of her health learning about holistic tools to promote healthy living. The knowledge she gained helped her to achieve remission holistically. Her goal is to educate the world on taking control of their health regardless of their health condition.  

Statement of Purpose:

Achieving healthy living and aging for everyone

Helping seniors to have the best quality of life possible

Eradicating autoimmune disease especially lupus among women

This statement of purpose guides Cassandra's work and she is extremely passionate about providing superior service. As a visitor to this website feel free to use the contact us form with any questions.

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