Cassandra Hill

Gerontologist/ Health & Wellness Consultant

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Cassandra's goal is to educate on proactive aging and the benefits of healthy living. As a experienced and talented Gerontologist and Health & Wellness Consultant Cassandra Hill is among the most qualified in the industry.

Working with the senior population has been Cassandra's passion since young adulthood. Her primary goal is to educate on best practices in providing care to the older adult population. Working in long term care for seven years without deficiencies Cassandra has learned how to provide quality care. Typical clients include assisted living facilities, hospice, and geriatric psychiatry facilities.

Statement of Purpose:

Enhancing the quality of life for seniors

Educating society on proactive aging and the benefits of healthy living

Providing business solutions by creating caregiver work friendly environments and keeping employees healthy

This statement of purpose guides Cassandra's work and she is extremely passionate about providing superior service. As a visitor to this website feel free to use the contact us form with any questions.

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